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In Need of a Loan Modification?

At the Snyder Law Group, we represent both banks and homeowners, so we are familiar with how the loan modification process works. Have you lost your job, incurred unforeseen medical bills, or had other changes in your finances? We have successfully helped numerous homeowners modify their current loan. We have effectively negotiated lower interest rates and principal reductions with lenders, banks, and/or mortgage companies. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE BEHIND ON YOUR PAYMENTS TO GET HELP! The worst thing you can do is nothing! Call us today at (941) 747-3456 for a free consultation. You can also fill out the form on the Contact Us page of our website and we will be in touch with you soon.


What many homeowners may not know is that their lender may be very willing to work out a loan modification agreement in order to avoid foreclosure. With the market in its current state, many mortgage companies do not want to foreclose. By working with a loan modification attorney at the Snyder Law Group, you can work with the mortgage company and possibly work out a payment plan that you can actually handle.

At the Snyder Law Group, we understand what tactics work in negotiating with the mortgage company. You need to take action. Our firm can help you apply for a loan modification, which may modify your current loan rate, balance and term, and possibly reduce any delinquent fees that you owe. We know the exact process and timing of working with your lender to modify your loan and help you avoid foreclosure.

Below are just some of the lenders we have successfully negotiated loan modifications with:


Bank of America Wachovia
Wells Fargo OneWest Bank
Regions EMC Mortgage
Greenpoint Mortgage SunTrust
BB&T First Bank
JPMorgan Chase Citi
Bank of New York HSBC
Mellon Bank Fifth Third
Nationstar Indymac Bank
M&I Bank National City/PNC


How Can We Help You?

We may be able to:


  • lower your monthly payment
  • reduce the principal balance of your loan
  • negotiate a short sale with your lender
  • keep you and your family in your home longer

Call us today at (941) 747-3456 for a free consultation! Affordable payment plans are available!

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