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Do You Want This Land To Be…. Your Land?

The real estate industry in Florida has experienced dramatic changes over the past few years. At Snyder Law Group, our commitment to our real estate clients is to provide them with conscientious, professional, and ethical representation in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have extensive experience in the following areas of real estate law:

Real Estate Closings
Short Sale Closings
Deeds, Mortgages, Notes, Assignments
Commercial Loan Document Preparation
Cross-Collateralization Agreements
Homeowner’s Association Disputes
“For Sale By Owner” Transactions

Residential Contracts Business Buy/Sell Agreements
Title Insurance Commercial Contracts
1031 Exchanges Construction Contracts
Mortgage Closings Letters of Credit
Refinance Contract Review
Commercial Lending Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Condominiums Code Enforcement Issues
Residential Leases Real Estate Litigation
Commercial Leases Business Closings


On a personal note, we too have purchased and sold real estate in the past. That being said, we have experienced the frustrations of real estate transactions and the exorbitant fees that are typically charged at closing. We have committed ourselves to providing the most cost-effective real estate closings possible to our clients. In fact, we GUARANTEE it.


Regardless of whether or not we are handling your next real estate closing, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a quote of our fees for the same transaction and discuss the fees you are being charged.

Real Estate Litigation


A dispute arises in about 25% of all real estate contracts and transactions. At the Snyder Law Group, we realize the added stress of not only the lost deal, but the legal quarrels that arise because of it. Some disputes that typically arise in a real estate transaction include:

Failure and/or refusal to close by seller or buyer
Deposits – Who is entitled to it if the transaction does not close?
Repair clauses contained in the FAR/BAR contract

Failure to disclose material facts Misrepresentation
Inadequate appraisal Financing contingencies
Commissions Specific performance
Personal property Liens – Negotiations/Satisfaction
Warranties Breach of construction contracts
Bait and switch Delay claims
Insurance Issues Addendums


Let us help you through your real estate transaction or dispute. Contact our office at (941) 747-3456, or email us by using the form on the Contact Us page for more information on our efficient and cost-effective representation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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